Designing for the unbanked

Zingr is a Google for Startups project focused on building digital payments for the unbanked and underbanked in developing markets around the world using blockchain technology.

The Problem

The lack of digital banking solutions was identified by Zingr as part of the Google Campus Startup, shortly after the start up was formed we planned to translate the initial idea and solution into an elegant prototype.

The Audience

The app and website was targeted to investors and early adopters of the product. The early adopters were farmers who do not have any bank accounts due to being far from the city centre. Our secondary user base were people in the city who send money internationally and are looking for a cost effective alternative to big name brands like Western Union

My role

My role included Visual Design of initial prototype using Sketch, In-vision & Marvel. Building the website to accompany the prototype.

The Process

  • The first thing we did was come up with sketches so we could solidify what the final design would look like.
  • I went through a process of competitor benchmarking in order to see what the standards were for a fin-tech app in this particular space.
  • Once the sketches were complete I used Sketch to come up with the designs.
First version of the app

• This version of the app was based on feedback from potential investors and users.

• The prototype was used to show the vision to the software developers

Here is the current version of the website

The prototype and website were both positively received and helped establish the company in it's initial first push. After the initial design phase my role has developed from a UI into a more focused UX design role focusing on product strategy, feature prioritisation, journey mapping, persona creation and future user testing. I look forward to showcasing the results of our findings.

Stakeholder Feedback

Mark and I worked together during the early days of Zingr. Mark has been instrumental in getting the first iterations of the product prototype and landing page up and running. He is very professional, eager to learn and develop his skills and quickly turns around feedback.  - Zingr Founder & CEO

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