Designing a vocabulary app

This was a personal project where I challenged my self to engage with user needs both offline and online.

The problem with most vocabulary apps is they don't allow for much social learning, the goal with this project was to validate the idea of social learning and explore gamification options.

Students interested in learning Japanese in the context of gaming, particularly people who've tried Duolingo.

I was the sole designer on this project and covered all basis.

User Interviews

I started this project by interviewing users so I could get an understanding of the users needs

User Persona

After gathering the data I generated a persona based on the user interviews I conducted.

User Stories

Here are a few user stories from the research I carried out.

User Journey (Task Flow)

I sketched a task flow to get an idea of how the user can navigate the app with ease

Paper Prototype

I sketched out the prototype and linked together using Marvel Prototyping software

Usability Testing

I took the interactive paper prototype out to potential users and made the following observations.

I found the usability testing sessions very helpful as I got to go into the public and test the app which users enjoying taking part in. The next time I do this I will try and simply the features and perhaps design a hi-fidelity mock up.

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