Mark Johnes

I’m a London based Product Designer, skilled at user-flows, user interviews; prototyping and sketching.

About me

I love design thinking and understanding human behaviour. I get excited about how technology can be used for good.

I am currently part of an agile delivery team following the GDS standard. Working on internal products, Implementing Lean UX processes. Facilitating User Interviews, Usability Testing, Scamping,  high and low fidelity prototypes.

Tools of choice
Webflow (Html/CSS prototyping)
Trello, Jira, Slack, Confluence

Stakeholder Feedback

Tom Passmore (CEO and Co-Founder at Dsposal)

We worked with Mark to improve our web app so that our users find it easier to use. Mark was great and helped us interview users and suggested changes that helped people move though our flow. Would recommend.

Giselle Frederick (CEO & Founder of Zingr.io)

Mark and I worked together during the early days of Zingr. Mark has been instrumental in getting the first iteration product prototypes and landing page up and running. He is very professional, eager to learn and develop his skills and quickly turns around feedback

Meredith Morelle (Program Director of Teach to Lead)

Mark was excellent to work with! He recently completed several substantive updates to our organization's website. He was responsive, flexible and helped us improve our site considerably. I would highly recommend working with Mark and will undoubtedly call upon him for future projects. -

Dinah Turner (Director of Step into Business)

Mark is great, he worked with us on engaging Further Education Students into a career in technology. He was a friendly and approachable panellist and shared his own story from music to technology, which inspired more of the audience to see themselves in tech careers, even with backgrounds in other subjects. Thank you Mark!

Dijonn Taylor (Founder of  & Young Graduate)

His attention to detail and professionalism from start to finish made him a dream to work with. We had a briefing meeting at the beginning of the week and the website completed by the end of the week!
Highly recommend Mark

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